Why do men get uncertain dating

" You find yourself recalling the cads you've known and thinking, Maybe he wasn't a jerk; he was just anxious.

From that vantage point, it becomes easier to see Birbiglia et al. The Dizziness of Freedom After eons of veiling anxiety behind whiskey and despotism (petty and otherwise), why are men becoming more forthright?

"Sometimes I get this kind of come-to-Jesus understanding of past relationships." But younger people, he says, who are more likely to be in the thick of an unsettled relationship, are less sympathetic. Rather than expressing fury at the graphic depiction of how he'd screwed her over, "She was so moved by it," he says.

"She said, 'If I'd known all that, I would've felt so much differently about it at the time.' "Birbiglia's critics aren't wrong—he was an ass.

"It's done more now than in the Greatest Generation," but it's still an area in which men are flying somewhat blind.

Maybe He's Not a Jerk, He's Just Anxious Many of the men who blurbed Stossel's book remarked on his "bravery" in revealing his anxiety, a sentiment that seems mildly ridiculous—he's not admitting to cannibalism, after all, but to a disorder more common than heart disease—until you read about the depth of Stossel's shame.

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