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Some weeks ago I took part in a seminar in Recife, Brazil, where colleagues of Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico met. The recent TNOC roundtable “Ecosystems for everyone” rested on the assumption that provision of and access to ecosystem services and urban nature is a “moral imperative”. The impacts associated with city functions, economic, environmental, mobility, extend well beyond their administrative boundaries. Lydon, San Jose & Osaka Jennifer Monson, Urbana Fanny Retsek, San Jose Julia Stern, Paris Cecilia Vicuña, Santiago & New York We walk through Mashhad, Iran, and start giggling like children. There are trash bins, and parks with good exercise equipment, and wide sidewalks you can actually walk on without being sideswiped by motos, rickshaws, bicycles and cows! Broken and disparate urban landscapes are common experience.

The main queries to be answered were: How each professional from their individual specialities could collaborate to address the New Urban Agenda established by the Habitat III Conference, held... But the contemporary and dominant frameworks and systems for managing cities have always determined what activity is allowable, where, and how the infrastructure and any developments pertaining to the function would be developed. The multitude of issues and concerns that are causing such conditions are not new; neither are responses of those who are committed to ideas of sustainability.

Kewaunee — Matthew Streckenbach and Zachary Sutter***, Luxemburg. Dane — Audrey Warrington*, Mount Horeb; and Ashley Hawkins, Sun Prairie. Shawano — Nicole Luepke, Bonduel; and Kristy Sauer, Shawano. Winnebago — Michelle Kennedy, Appleton; and Nicole Schweitzer, Winneconne. Other states — Laura Hamer, Blaine, Minnesota; Chong Kha, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Rahmon Fletcher, Kansas City, Missouri.

Brown — Dana Daggs and Rosanna Wildenberg, De Pere; Jessica Petersen, Denmark; Amanda Bartelt*, Amanda Brodhagen*, Randi Bye, Courtney Georgia, Holly Hartsworm, Richard Konshak, Whitney Lampereur, Nathaniel Mc Keefry, Kara Mc Nichols, Matthew Micolichek*, Heather Process, Kenlyn Rosera, Megan Surfus, Joshua Vanden Busch*, and Alyssa Zingler***, Green Bay; and Ashley La Count, Suamico. Marathon — Sarah Winter, Ringle; and Ying Moua, Rothschild. Ozaukee — Cassandra Paulus, Belgium; and Emma Bobholz, Grafton. Sauk — Samuel Seefeld* (distinction in the major), Baraboo. Outagamie — Kelly Harmelink, Appleton; Lynette Stoneburner***, Black Creek; Joseph Berken, Combined Locks; Elizabeth Holl, De Pere; and Sarah Wix***, Seymour. Mathematics Brown — Nicole Socha*, Erin Thyssen, and Megan Wilson, Green Bay.

A near-capacity crowd of about 5,000 is expected for the ticket-only event. Master of Social Work Brown — Tracy Andrews, Robin Kuklinski, Michele La Fond, May Lor, and Lori Weaver, Green Bay; Kerry Draxler and Patricia Stevenson, Luxemburg; and James Dercks, Wrightstown. ASSOCIATE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DEGREES Brown — Keith Samperisi, Green Bay. Sheboygan — Adam Schwaller, Elkhart Lake; Davis Mauk***, Plymouth; and Adam Jansen, Kathryn Sasse**, Kelsey Sasse***, and Mari Vogel, Sheboygan. Other states — Shannon Demrow, Algonquin, Illinois; Brian Wennersten, Ironwood, Michigan; Alexander Hill, Lakeville, Minnesota; Brendan Reilly*, Maple Grove, Minnesota; and Kayla Deters, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Chemistry Brown — Oksana Fursov** and Phillip Johanek, Green Bay. Door — Lukas Willems*, Sister Bay; and Jordanne Dvorak, Sturgeon Bay.

The ceremony will honor students who complete their degrees in May or at the end of summer session in August. Master of Management Brown — Dawn Kranz and Abram Weber, De Pere; and Andrew Bischoff, Katie Bischoff, Beth Manning, Krystle Norton, and Amber Vergauwen, Green Bay. Marathon — Michelle Gleason and Angela Greenfield, Wausau. Outagamie — Sara Mac Donald, Little Chute; and Melissa Blom, Seymour. Fond du Lac — Lisa Koepsell and Katelyn Santy***, Fond du Lac.

This alienation raised such concern in the global community that the United... My global city—London—has been a leader in urban greening initiatives for many years....

Warning: What follows is entirely personal and non-scientific. A review of The Lost Rivers of London, by Nicholas Barton and Stephen Myers, 2016.

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He specializes in sociology for urban and regional development with a Ph D from the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University, California USA. His recent publications have focused on the linkages between gender inequality and climate change adaptation in cities, transnational migration, social inequality and cosmopolitan solidarities. Streets are often the biggest share of publicly-owned land in a city.

Environmental Science Brown — Zachary Moureau*, Dylan Palchik, Manda Plout, and Daniel Vachon, Green Bay; and Joseph Baeten and Cody Sandahl***, New Franken.

Marathon — Jessie Heil, Colby; Nicholas Hamus, Marshfield; and Matthew Peter, Rothschild.

Regular readers of TNOC will be familiar with the biophilia hypothesis, which supposes an innate emotional link between humans and the natural world that positively impacts our psychological wellbeing. You may very well think that I am playing smart-aleck here, and that this paper is just a piece of bravura, since farming... On the day that I started work as Senior Ecologist at the Greater London Council (GLC) in 1982 I learnt that the Council... Worldwide, cities are grappling with aging infrastructure, shifting populations, and changing weather patterns, necessitating the use and expansion of green space in equitable and creative ways. When I stumbled on Richard Louv’s book Vitamin N (2016 Algoquin Books) my initial reaction was one of shock. The effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and fires, among other disturbances, need to be...

In other words, we feel most at home in naturalistic surroundings, as this is where we evolved and have spent the... If you took the city of Tokyo and turned it upside down and shook it you would be amazed at the animals that fall out: badgers, wolves, boa constrictors, crocodiles, ostriches, baboons, capybaras, wild boars, leopards, manatees, ruminants, in untold numbers. Increasingly, urban nature is viewed not only as a scientific, technological or design issue, but a moral one. Carmen Bouyer, New York Tim Collins, Glasgow Karahan Kadrman, Istanbul Maggie Lin, Hong Kong Patrick M. Many are embracing a transition from the sanitary city—comprised of siloed functions and grey infrastructure—to the sustainable city—comprised of regenerative and distributed systems that...

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