Who is gillian zinser dating

There are so many challenges and discoveries in just dating someone that don’t include breaking up. Once again, though, Naomi came to the rescue when she pointed out that Silver wasn’t letting Teddy make his own choices.

After a party, at Liam's basement, the two kiss and start a discreet love story, Ivy helps him overcome his nemesis, Jen Clark.I thought the scene in whch she was watching Jen’s ultrasound and trading insults with her at the same time was hilarious. I’m also glad Liam dumped Naomi, because they really didn’t have anything in common but physical attraction. She may not be rich anymore, but her storyline next season will be.I loved that she stole the paternity results and sent them with balloons to Ryan, which set off his spiral into the role of “homeless drunk man” again. Her movement from singing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” to utter depression to falling into the creepy arms of Mr. Teddy and Silver are back together (again)After so many breakups and makeups, this didn’t feel at all unexpected.”There just didn’t seem to be anything major resolved, and the cliffhangers, used a bit loosely in this case, didn’t feel like finale-level cliffhangers.With that said, there were a couple storylines I enjoyed.

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