Sccm collection membership not updating

Collections that you have recently viewed appear in the Users node and in the Devices node in the Assets and Compliance workspace.

Here are some examples of collection use: You can create collections that group resources based on your organization's hierarchy.

Contains the All Desktop and Server Clients, the All Mobile Devices, and the All Unknown Computers collections, and all mobile devices that are enrolled by Microsoft Intune.

This collection contains the largest scope of device resources.

Create custom collections to more specifically identify the devices or users for a task.

This will result in less or none waiting time for the collection to update the membership.When you create a custom collection in Configuration Manager, the membership of that collection is determined by one or more collection rules, as described in How to create collections in System Center Configuration Manager.The first possible issue with slow refresh rate on collections could be the schedule on each and every collection in your setup.Let’s say your setup contains 300 collections refreshing with an interval of 20 minutes.This is OK for collections containing none or a small amount of computers.

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