Reasons for dating a baseball player

Minor leaguers are usually at the field from early in the afternoon until midnight, which doesn’t leave much time to meet anyone in the traditional ways.

When we’re not at the field we’re often on a bus, so being able to reach out via my phone is a must.

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As I met his teammates, opponents, and friends, I learned to appreciate that the community is full of open-minded people that are just as passionate and successful off the field as they are on it.To this day, I remain perplexed at the dedication he put into the sport, but I wouldn’t have changed our time together for the world (even if, after two years of dating, I never figured out what a was).If you, dear reader, are thinking of (or are currently) dating an ultimate player, don’t make your partner choose either you or the disc.That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be explicit about the time you need. Conversely, if you are the ultimate player your partner is attempting to date or understand, bring your partner into your ultimate life. Prioritize your time together away from ultimate and be sure to share words of appreciation once in awhile — how lucky you both are to have found one another. Don’t ever make your partner feel he or she comes second.

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