Online dating international students

“But once he was no longer at the same school as me, we realized how different our lives really were; often, he’d just be heading out for the night as I was going to bed!It just wasn’t the same.” Long-distance relationships work, but when the two of you are not only in different time zones, but entirely different countries, keeping a connection becomes especially challenging.“My friends couldn’t believe it when I started seeing Ken,” said Krystal.“It was so much fun to be able to introduce him to people, like, ‘This is my boyfriend, Ken.

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“I hadn’t gone into my relationship thinking it would last past the semester, but when it was time for Daniel to return to Dublin, we knew it wasn’t over,” says Kristine from Boston College.

“I started seeing a guy in my lit class who was studying here from Germany after I broke up with my sophomore-year boyfriend,” says Brittany, a student at Worcester State University.

“It was really exactly what I needed; we both knew he’d be returning home after the end of the semester, and so we just had fun without any expectations of our relationships going anywhere.” If you’re looking for a fun, casual fling, international students can be your best bet––you go into the relationship knowing they have to leave eventually, and if things end on bad terms, you’ll never have to awkwardly run into them on campus again!

Nothing could be more exciting than a little international love.

What could be bad about a fun fling with a foreign campus cutie studying at your American college?

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