Oblivion goranga dating

But also, please don't mess with the scripts if you don't know what your doing.

My scripts are really customized to be dealt withby me. This is not a adult mod, itis a companion mod with a storyline involving you two making a relationship and bieng very good, special friends.

The main quest of this plugin is a companion mod which is laid out to 240 ingame days. Then I will get to the breakthrough with my experiments to ban the curse.She will go upstairs and await your signal to switch with whats in the dresser (in case you forgot to put things in there) Then she will switch all of her inventory with whatever in the chest, with the exclusion of a few choice and precious items to her. A: Well, generally she will put on what is in her inventory if you wait a while. But thats because I have been messing aroudn with retextures.I also havea script that detects almost all vanilla obliv clothing and auto equips. She will look like whatever color your khajiits look like. A: Just simply ask it in the thread, if it isn't a repeat question and is something valid and otherpeople should and need to know, I will pop it up here.Note: Though some of the quests will be reminiscent of the original quest in morrowind, they will never be duplicates.Features: -A new player house -A full storyline -A companion who will travel with you -Ability to change companion equipment -Puchaseable horse for companion.

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