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Jones said the pay model will keep spammers out of the site—users have seven days to respond to the message, and if they don't hear anything, they are credited half the amount back.

Jones also believes interactions will be more meaningful on the site, since users know someone paid to message them.

One-third (33 per cent) of men claim they are more sexually liberated now than they were in their 20s, compared to just 20 per cent of women who feel the same.

Men also claim to being less fussy about image (27 per cent versus 19 per cent).

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The tried-and-true method of clicking through photos and text is now up against more novel concepts like date-pitching site How About We, interest-matching site Tastebuds, or the app Tinder which makes matches based on nearby users.A record number of ‘baby boomers’ are now single and entering a new stage in their life by attempting to join the dating game and it can be a daunting prospect.Whilst there’s a distinct increase in the number of over-50s seeking love – in 2016, double the number of over-50s considered online dating to find romance compared to 2013 – it seems first date nerves exists at all ages.Melissa Jones, the creator of new dating website Dreamcliq, seems to think so.Launched earlier this month, Dreamcliq is basically the Pinterest of dating.

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