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To prevent others from succumbing to that delusion, I think it’s time to ask you nicely to do what you once so crudely demanded of Ann Coulter: Henry Rollins—with all the love and respect due to you—please shut up.

But to many of us who count ourselves among his admirers, the autobiographical monologues he’s performed for more than 25 years are the Rollins project we most prize.

So they said, “Have you ever heard of Shirin Nichat? But I looked her up, and I recognized her photos—-they’re quite well known, I just hadn’t known who shot ‘em.

All her veiled Muslim women photos I was familiar with.

The woman I was with, Shirin Nichat, is much more than an artist. She was pushed out of Iran for standing up for civil rights for women at great risk to herself. [The show’s producers] asked me to send them a list of who I’d be interested in doing that with, and my two choices were Miriam Makeba and Al Green.

Makeba wanted like ,000, and Al Green apparently just couldn’t get his head around it.

Still, it was during that otherwise forgettable decade that you began to forge something of a unique and compelling persona, committing yourself to physical fitness and acquiring a number of distinctive tattoos, many of them atrocious. You had by then come into your own as a kind of countercultural “renaissance man.” There were books, music (often lackluster), spoken-word performances, and movie roles (mostly bad).You wouldn’t be 51 and still dating because it’s hard for you to be “truly close to someone” or whatever neurotic Hollywood excuse you use.Henry, in hindsight, it now seems clear that the supposed individualism and self-actualization you made a career out of promoting was only another form of the self-absorption that Malcolm Muggeridge called the Great Liberal Death Wish. Dear Henry Rollins, In a recent interview you expressed concern, like so many of our other socially conscious celebrities, that the so-called “War on Women” was slowing the wheels of progressive permissiveness.It caused me to reflect on why I’m no longer much of a fan.

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