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This is where you may want to talk about privacy concerns – once you’re in a chat with some friends-of-friends, those friends can request to add you as a friend.So while you start out using the app just with people you already know – from your contacts list or adding by username – there is potential for widening that circle beyond those you know.House Party is the latest app you’ll want to have on your radar.House Party is a video chat app, developed by the team who built and then shut down live streaming app Meerkat .Anyone who spent a lot of time online in the early 2000s will remember whiling away the hours popping in and out of chatrooms and instant messaging their friends.But in the years since AIM faded into obscurity, nothing has really replaced instant communication for teens.

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We’ve talked to kids and there’s a bit of a backlash against that.The app reportedly has over 1 million registered users.Overall, House Party looks like a fun way for teens to connect with friends when they can’t be in the same physical location.There are practical uses too – such as working on a school project together, or a group chat to figure out some weekend plans.Just be wary of the constant notifications – you’re always going to know when your friends are chatting away without out you.

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