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After all that, the tech said my bladder had the perfect amount in it. I don't want to go through that again, especially since I was in too much pain to take in seeing my baby on the screen!I always drank a bit less than what they told me on the paper and it was fine.It depends how far along you are for my 12 wk ultrasound they said about 1 Lml of water and for my 18 wk one was 750 ML, I drank about 1L and nearly peed myself.If you are in your third trimester they say to drink 500ml.So I don't think you need to be bursting at the seams or anything.I drank about 500mls, but for my first scan at 7 weeks i completely forgot to drink before hand and tried to drink loads in the waiting room, but they could see everything fine.I went back a week later and I again drank the litre, was prancing around the waiting room busting again, got in there and my bladder was pushing the baby back instead of forward so I had to let it all out again...Same sort of think happened when I went for my 20 week scan, I was so busting the sonographer let me go to the toilet and just told me to empty it entirely.

I think what the pp said is fine, just have a bottle with you and drink up until the ultrasound. If that sounds like you are anything like me, I'd say chug a bottle of water about 45 min to an hour before.

Really puts a damper on seeing the images when you just want it to end so you can go pee. Early in the morning will be a lot different than afternoon.

Personally I found I can't follow their guidelines.

My first ultrasound I did the same and drank every drop and they told me to go pee cause my bladder was too full and I was in so much pain.

After that I realized I didn't have to drink quite that much and it was fine.

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