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Diocles' parents were of low status, and writers critical of him claimed that his father was a scribe or a freedman of the senator Anullinus, or even that Diocles was a freedman himself.The first forty years of his life are mostly obscure.The title was also claimed by Carus' other surviving son, Carinus, but Diocletian defeated him in the Battle of the Margus.Diocletian's reign stabilized the empire and marks the end of the Crisis of the Third Century.

The Diocletianic Persecution (303–11), the empire's last, largest, and bloodiest official persecution of Christianity, did not destroy the empire's Christian community; indeed, after 324, Christianity became the empire's preferred religion under its first Christian emperor, Constantine.He lived out his retirement in his palace on the Dalmatian coast, tending to his vegetable gardens.His palace eventually became the core of the modern-day city of Split in Croatia.Carinus quickly made his way to Rome from his post in Gaul as imperial commissioner and arrived there by January 284, becoming legitimate Emperor in the West. The Sassanid king Bahram II could not field an army against them as he was still struggling to establish his authority.By March 284, Numerian had only reached Emesa (Homs) in Syria; by November, only Asia Minor.

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