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This means she agrees with your theology, trusts your decision-making, appreciates the other men you surround yourself with for counsel, and also respects the way you seek her input and invite her counsel as you make decisions.If she does not naturally trust your leadership, you can be sure that if you marry, there will be frequent conflict.4) Does she have noble character? Is she a woman whom you want your daughters to be like (because they will be)? For the single men, you need to not turn biblical wisdom for decision-making into a legal case by which to try every woman you meet.Being mom’s main emotional support felt spiritual and noble, especially when she had to sacrifice some of her own fun times with friends, but it was actually detrimental to the process of Julie’s learning to grow up and live her own life.

Consequently, while her greatest wish was for her daughter to get married, Julie’s mother didn’t realize her overinvolvement was a big part of the reason her daughter wasn’t developing a relationship with a guy.Then Julie sought counseling to find a way to detach with love, forgive, and live her own life while still honoring her mother.At first her mother resisted the change in their relationship. But as Julie stood her ground and learned how to separate and draw some healthy boundaries, her mother finally got the message: She needed to have her own life, not try to live through her daughter.She gave up a lot of her own perfectly normal desires and interests in order to go home when her mom needed companionship or to call her more often than she had time for.Julie’s mom didn’t realize she was manipulating situations and thereby preventing her daughter from being a stable, healthy adult.

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