Are devon werkheiser and molly mccook still dating cops dating cops

“Pretty Little Liars” star Lindsey Shaw belongs to the same category as she too is seen to be hiding her personal life and most precisely, her love life is hidden from the fans and media.

The internet world knows that Shaw was once in a relationship with actor Ethan Peck.

Pretty Little Liars’ fans were unpleased after the end of the season five episodes. It later emerged the writing crew came up with the moving-to-California story because Shawsters (Lindsey Shaw’s nickname) will no longer appear in the series, the Paige Mc Cullers character has been eliminated and it was a big deal.

What if your whole existence had been wiped away from the memories of those you loved and cared about? Never Fade Away a brand new web series by writer Jordan Ross and producers Jo and Matt Fahey examines just that.

The series star's Devon Werkheiser (Best known for his role as Ned Parker in the Nick tv series Ned's Declassified School Survival guide and Peter Parkes in Greek) as Cassidy Warren, a young man who wakes up not remembering much about the night before, he's got a gash on his forehead and is trying to clean it up as his girlfriend Madison (Played by Molly Mc Cook who filmed a few episodes as Margot on Bold and the Beautiful ) comes in and ask who he is.

Joseph Dougherty, the executive producer had to explain the decision to eliminate the character.

He seized the opportunity to remind everyone it’s just a drama.“It was a very complex decision, and it comes out of …

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